About us

All is well center is a wellness center dedicated to help people heal themselves and lead better lives. We teach people various healing art forms like reiki, navgraha healing, chakra healing, aura cleansing, auto writing, etc. The sole aim is to help people center themselves and find inner peace and strength which they search outside

Benefits Of Reiki

Healing body, mind and spirit!

Mental peace


Relaxed mind and body


Inner happiness and peace


Quick healing from diseases


Increases White Blood Cell

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Opinions about us

  • Tanuja, Vashi
    I was facing tough times in office which also affected my relationship with my fiance. Though i was talented and very good in my work, my efforts were not acknowledged by seniors. A common friend told me about reiki and gave me Naveeta’s number. I had a long chat with her and told her about my issues. She started giving me reiki and soon i started noticing positive changes in myself and in office in the first 15 days. In fact one day, one of my bosses congratulated me on job well done in front of my colleagues. The overall reiki healing also helped me improve my relationship with my fiancee whom i married after three months. It just took a month of healing for me to bring in these positive changes in my personal and professional life.
    Tanuja, Vashi
  • Sulochana, Matunga
    My mother had arthritis and one day i discussed about it with Naveeta who is a friend. She offered to give reiki and in a month of reiki healing, my mom’s condition also improved.
    Sulochana, Matunga
  • Ratna, Parle
    I’ve been suffering from knee pain and low blood pressure since past few years. A family friend told me about reiki and referred me to Naveeta. In the first week of healing, the pain in my joints disappeared and my BP also became normal. I also find myself very positive and less stubborn. I am thankful to reiki.
    Ratna, Parle

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